World Premiere Ticket Giveaway

AwesomenessTV and Coca-Cola® are giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the world premiere of Expelled in Los Angeles! If you want to walk the red carpet, meet the cast, and watch the movie from Coca-Cola's® VIP seats, read below to see how you can win!


Create a creative sign convincing @CocaCola and @AwesomenessTV why you should be picked! Make sure we can clearly see #PickMeCoke on your sign to win!


Bring your sign to the fan section at the Expelled premiere in Los Angeles on December 10th, 2014 before 5pm. The premiere will be at the Village Theater: 961 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90024.


Make sure to hold your sign up high! If you want to show how excited you are, Tweet, Instagram, Vine, or snap a pic of your sign to #PickMeCoke! And, if you're under 18, make sure a parent is available by phone starting at 5pm on December 10th to give you permission to win.

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Free Expelled Movie Download

AwesomenessTV and Coca-Cola® are selecting 8 winners and giving them a free download of Expelled! Plus, winners get to make someone happy by gifting a free download to a friend! If you want to get the Expelled Movie for free, read below to see how you can win!


On Twitter, tell us how happy it would make you to win a free download of Expelled, and who you would share your download with. Fans must include @CocaCola, #PickMeCoke and #ExpelledContest.


On Tuesday December 16th, AwesomenessTV will direct message winners on Twitter and share a code to download the movie on for free!


Each winner will receive another free download so pick someone awesome to share this with! Good Luck!

New to Expelled? Find out everything there is to know about Cameron Dallas and the cast of social media stars on

Eastwood High is about to get Schooled

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Cameron Dallas


Lia Marie Johnson


Andrea Russett


Teala Dunn


Marcus Johns


Matt Shively


Felix (Cameron Dallas) is a legendary prankster who always charms his way out of trouble. However, after his third strike at school, the principal has had enough and expels him. Never defeated, Felix resorts to his infamous ways and devises a plan with his brother (Marcus Johns), best friend (Matt Shively), new friend (Lia Marie Johnson) and classmate (Andrea Russett) to hide it from his parents.

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